Dr. Lewis’ workshops will help individuals realize that there is unlimited leadership potential in every woman. These workshops will enhance and bring that potential to the forefront. Each workshop can be custom tailored to your organization’s needs, and can be presented as a complete training module or separated into shorter, specific components. The workshops can be conducted in half sessions or all day sessions based on your specific needs.

  • Career Professional or Business Entrepreneur: Which One Are You?
  • Climbing the Corporate Ladder
  • The Assertive Woman: Discover Your Playing Field
  • Leadership Skills for Women
  • The Superwoman Syndrome
  • Overcoming Being All Things to All People
  • The Image of Female Leader
  • Women in Management
  • Having a Mentor
  • Life-skills for Women
  • First Impressions: Issues Impacting Women
  • Women as Leaders
  • The Assertive Woman
  • Emotional Wellness for Women
  • Is Stress Sabotaging Your Life?
  • Women’s Issues and Diversity
  • The Power of You: Making a Positive Impact
  • 5 Secrets to Balancing Life and Work

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Government Employees Workshops
Preparing for Senior Executive Service (SES) Positions

How to Write Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs)

Interviewing for a Senior Executive Service Position

New Business Entrepreneurs Workshops

How to Start a Business on a Part-time Basis
Creating Dynamic Marketing Material
Branding, Networking & Marketing Your Business

Women Business Forum (for serious business women only)

The Woman’s Adantage® Forum – is a 6 month long curriculum-based program created for 12-14 determined business women aspiring to take their business to the 6 or 7 figure annual revenue mark. The participants meet face-to-face twice a month for 3 hours. Whether you want to reach the $1MM mark, double your revenue—or whatever you dream for your business….The Woman’s Advantage® Forum can get you there.

NOTE: This forum is also taught by Dr. Lewis at the Entrepreneurial Development Center Prince George’s Community College, 6305 Belcrest Road, Hyattsville, MD 20782. Contact Dr. Lewis (info@exwsi.com) for start dates to this program.

NOTE: If you have a group of at least 8 women we can bring this training to you. 


8 Habits of Highly Successful Women

5 Simple Steps to Finding Your Best Inside


Good morning Dr. Lewis,

My name is Joyce Hall and I attended the “SES Development: Lower Grades” session, that you taught at the FEW-NTP (2011) Conference, in Philadelphia, last week. Let me say that even though you were called at the last minute, you did an awesome job! I learned an abundance of knowledge and wanted to say ‘thank you’”

Joyce L. Hall, MPA, CHSM, Program Management Analyst, Dept. Veterans Affairs

Good afternoon,

An enormous “thank you” to you for your part in making the NTP 2011 a success. We have heard very positive comments about the training selections this year.”

Robin Sutton, DCG Inc.

Just wanted to say thanks for your presentation for IBM’s Women SuperGroup; about the best I’ve ever heard. Best…”

Mary Byrd, Executive Consultant, IBM Software Group

Your dedication, devotion and achievements as a business owner and as a leader in our organization are widely recognized and greatly honored and appreciated.

President/CEO of Women Impacting Public Policy

Your willingness to share your time, energy, wisdom, expertise and experience during the 2008 National Training Program has contributed significantly to the growth and strength of the federal workforce and of Federally Employed Women.

Rhonda Trent, National President, Federally Employed Women

Your knowledge of the topic area, combined with the practical experience you were able to incorporate into the presentation, provided the participants with outcomes that could be immediately applied to their job.

Susan Shumate, Executive Director, National-Louis University

Thank you again for your terrific presentation.

Linda Ellis Eastman, President, Professional Woman Network

You are an amazing and powerful woman. Thank you for the priviledge of receiving your materials. All the best.

Gina Riggins

Well hello my friend. I must say you are definitely doing a great job, becoming more and more known through out the land. Your insight on how to help others is truly gratifying to see. Keep up the good work.

Gwendolyn B. Sly, HSE- Administrative Assistance, EP Americas, Shell Exploration & Production Company